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Where to Eat in Houston: The Drinking Edition

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

You know where to eat. But what about where to drink? In Houston, that's most of what we do on hot days! Check out these spots for drinks and socializing.

For coffee…

  • TenFold Coffee (Heights) Insider tip: They offer educational courses on coffee!

  • Agnes (Rice U.)

  • West End Coffeehouse (Washington)

  • Blue Tile Coffeehouse (Washington)

  • Giant Leap Coffee (Uptown)

  • A 2nd Cup (Heights)

  • BlendIn Coffee Club (River Oaks)

  • Active Passion (Heights) Insider tip: Running/biking clubs meet here!

For coffee (in Montrose)…

  • Agora Insider tip: Try a Greek frappe here!

  • Common Bond

  • Blacksmith

  • Siphon

  • Campesino Coffee House Insider tip: Go here for your Cubano fix!

  • Empire Café

  • Black Hole

For tea…

  • Path of Tea

  • Tea & Victory

  • Tea Sip

  • True Leaf Tea Co.

For bubble tea...

  • Kung Fu Tea

  • Teapresso

  • Hella Bubble

  • The Teahouse

  • Tea Top

For outdoor patio drinking, anytime of day…

You want to hang out on the patio for hours, head here.
  • White Rhino

  • Axelrad

  • West Alabama Ice House and Tacos Tierra Caliente Insider tip: Taco truck is cash-only.

  • La Grange

  • Armadillo Palace

  • Cedar Creek

  • Heights Biergarten

For cocktails after dark…

For late-night mood/vibes and drinks, hit up these spots.
  • Clarkwood

  • Double Trouble

  • Anvil

  • MeoBar

  • Julep

  • Any of the downtown bars Insider tip: We love Captain Foxheart's and Dean's!

  • Lei Low

For a cool bar AND good food…

Sometimes, the food is just as important as the drinks!
  • Betelgeuse

  • Simone on Sunset

  • Hando/Kanpai Club

  • Urbe

  • Heights & Co.

  • The Patio at the Pit Room

  • 93' Til

  • The Toasted Coconut

For the laid-back bars with great drinks….

You don't need something fancy, just something delicious.
  • Trash Panda Drinking Club

  • Two-Headed Dog

  • Grand Prize Bar

  • Henderson Heights

  • Rudyard’s Insider tip: Lots going on at Rudz! Check out their nightly specials or comedy shows!

  • Porch Swing Pub

  • Little Danny's Speedo's Go Fly a Kite Lounge

For a wine experience…

  • Montrose Cheese and Wine

  • How to Survive on Land and Sea Insider tip: Sundays here are for live jazz!

  • Mutiny Wine Room

  • Camerata at Paulie’s

  • Sonoma Wine Bar

  • Cru Wine Bar

  • Tiny Champions

  • Roots Wine Bar

For frozen drinks....

  • Monkey’s Tail

  • Winnie’s Insider tip: Their treasure chest of frozens should not be missed!

  • Eight Row Flint

  • Truck Yard

  • NettBar

  • Voodoo Queen Insider tip: Frozen daiquiris and spring rolls are the go-to, here!

  • Holman Draft Hall

For a brewery....

  • Saint Arnold's Brewery

  • Eureka Heights

  • Urban South Brewery Insider tip: Great for non-beer drinkers, due to their fruity sours!

  • 8th Wonder Brewery

  • Walking Stick

  • Holler Brewing

  • True Anamoly

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