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40 New Restaurants to Open in Houston this Fall

So what does that mean for Houston?

Houston’s food scene is alive and well, as evidenced by an article recently released by CultureMap Houston. So many interesting places have opened already in 2021 with the arrival of M-K-T in the Heights, the new Museum of Fine Arts restaurant, tasting menu concepts like Degust and March, and casual options like Hugo Ortega’s Urbe and Berg Hospitality’s NoPo Cafe. Yet, even this fall, there are 40 new restaurants slotted to open in Houston.

What does this mean for Houstonians? For foodies, that means a plethora of options and maybe not enough time to try them all! Never has there been a better time for people to eat in and around Houston, and it says so much about the city and the local economy to have such a thriving food scene. For restaurants, it can mean large crowds, more competition, and as we already see, a shortage of restaurant employees. At Houston Dinner Club, we look to support our restaurant neighbors by hosting dinner parties with them. We partner with them to create a menu that showcases their new offerings and favorite dishes, reserve a time for our club to come in, and then promote and sell tickets to these events. We also help with finishing touches and turn a weeknight dinner into a dining experience!

For our members and guests, we want to introduce you to these great restaurants (new and old) and to create a community for you to experience them with. As we prepare to release our fall/winter 2021 dinner party schedule, we hope you will continue to follow our journey through Houston’s dining scene and join us for one of our social dining events. Stay in the loop with Houston Dinner Club by subscribing below!

You can read CultureMap’s article and more about all the different restaurant openings here.

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