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The Heart of HDC, Part 2: Meet New People

If you look at the homepage for Houston Dinner Club, you will see that we plan sophisticated dining experiences in a relaxed environment for you to connect with others. We want to build community, give our guests and members a chance to try something new, and celebrate Houston’s dining scene. These things all sound great on paper, but to truly understand what Houston Dinner Club is about would also require understanding why Houston Dinner Club exists and the heart of what we are creating. Of course, explaining the “what” of Houston Dinner Club is easier than explaining the “why.” The short answer is that all the things that HDC stands for and looks to create can lead to personal growth. Trying new things, meeting new people, and belonging to a community is good for us. This is Part 2 of our three part series on what HDC is all about.

One reason Houston Dinner Club exists is to give people a way to slow down and meet each other (in real life). In the world of smart phones, drive-thrus & Uber Eats, and social media apps, it’s becoming easier and easier for us to speed through life and avoid interacting with people we don’t know, but this pace of life can be detrimental. Interacting with new people is important for personal skills, confidence, connection, and new opportunities.

When we talk and interact with new people, we have a chance to work on ourselves. It’s not easy to start a conversation (or at times, keep one going), and it takes courage to put yourself out there. Like any skill, this takes practice. Why bother, you ask? Learning how to be assertive, convincing, and brave is a very valuable life skill both for our professional and personal lives. Being able to communicate and hold a conversation also makes us more empathetic, confident, and thus attractive to others. It increases our curiosity about other people, and as you learn about someone who is inevitably different than you, you can find ways to relate to each other, even if you have different views, backgrounds, or experiences. This can help us be more compassionate, understanding, and patient.

Talking to someone different or new is also a great way to open yourself up to unexpected opportunities. Random encounters should not be taken for granted. This is how many people meet their best friends, find their next career, discover a new hobby, or learn about something new! Even if it’s not the person you are talking to directly, networking is not just who you know, but also who is in your orbit. Somebody always knows somebody, and you never know where that may lead. And while you could attend a typical networking event with people in your industry or your immediate circle, meeting something fun like a meal at a restaurant is a relaxed and effective way to connect with others.

The best (and easiest) connections come over shared experiences. By having something in common with the other people around you, you can connect on a deeper level. What makes Houston Dinner Club different than a typical networking dinner is that you can also make the experience what you want it to be. You can come with a friend, gather a group, or fly solo. Our events aren’t too large, so you won’t get lost in the crowd. You can pause your routine, relax, and take a moment to savor the food, laugh with others, and create conversation and connection over something more than just your role or status.

If you are looking for a way to meet new people or a relaxing and fun way to connect with friends, Houston Dinner Club is here to offer you that experience! Consider joining us at our next event this coming month!


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