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The Heart of HDC, Part 3: Create Community

For our third installment of the “Heart of Houston Dinner Club”, we will focus on our ultimate purpose: building community.

When we talk about community, one of the first things to come to mind may be where our homes are physically located. I define community as "a group with common interests and goals compromised of members that support each other." In a city as large as Houston, where many people commute, are not home regularly, or seem to spend more time with their screens, it can be difficult to find this type of community. For evidence of this, consider the modern societal mental health concerns. Many people report feeling lonely, depressed, or burned out, and that is not the way we want our neighbors (or ourselves) to feel. Being part of a community can improve our mental health, and it is ultimately critical to the health of our physical communities and our well-being.

We see that busy routines and technology connect and separate us in unique ways, but it can become harder to connect with people around us as we get older and more settled into our routines. Without that sense of connection, we can feel alone, isolated, or unsupported. Life is better when you know you have people you can rely on and call in times of need. We also can feel the support just from camaraderie with others. Belonging to a community can ease stress and feelings of loneliness and lead to new friendships and a larger personal network. There is also something to be said about the purpose created from being part of a community. Getting involved makes us feel like we are part of something larger than ourselves, which can increase our contentment with day-to-day life and give us perspective. Perspective helps with anxiety and improves mental health. We see that the world is bigger than ourselves, and it can be a valuable reminder that our current worries shall pass. Taking care of our community and ourselves is important if we want to improve our city. If we are better as individuals, then our community will be better as a result, and we can all become stronger together.

Community outside of your immediate network is not something easily found, and it does not happen overnight. By joining the Houston Dinner Club, you will find people who are open to meeting others and interested in good food and great times! Over the period of our last four events, I have seen people come together and forge the beginnings of new friendships. Why don’t you consider joining us in 2022 and seeing what our community is all about?

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