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What do you know about Lambrusco?

This Italian wine has more to offer than you may think.

Lambrusco is one of the oldest grapes in Italy, and as with any older grape, it has a mixed reputation to go along with it. Lambrusco is a family of red grapes commonly grown in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, and is generally made into sparkling or semi-sparkling wines, ranging in color from light pink to deep ruby reds.

Lambrusco wine gained popularity in the 1970's and 80's. Prior to its spike in popularity, it was fermented in the "methode traditionelle" which required time and attention. To keep up with demand, the Charmat method was employed, and the grapes were processed in large steel tanks with plenty of added sugar and yeast to speed up fermentation. The result was often a cost-effective, sweet, syrupy red wine with the fizziness of a soda.

Today, thanks to a return to traditional wine-making methods and a focus on quality grapes inside the vineyards, lambruscos are now versatile, food-friendly, and delicious! They can range from dry to semi-sweet, and they are generally semi-sparkling, fruit-forward, and colorful. Styles vary greatly, from the lighter, crisp Lambrusco di Sorbara to the highly tannic, full-bodied Lambrusco Grasparossa to the Lambrusco Salamino that falls somewhere in between!

If you want to give Lambrusco another shot, then consider joining us for our brisket and Lambrusco pairing dinner on Sep 3! Buy your tickets at the link below.

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